Saturday, November 28, 2015
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Land of Spices and Coconut Trees

Contributor NIGEL HEATH overcame initial doubts to enjoy a fabulous holiday in South India…

DON’T let the fear of 'Delhi Belly' or any other vague concerns ever put you off visiting India.

This huge and exotic subcontinent, once the jewel in the crown of the British Empire and the subject of so many romantic tales, may be somewhere you have often thought one really should visit.



In Flanders Fields the poppies blow...


WE MIGHT at times consider our lives here in the UK in second decade of the 21st century tough and stressful - however consider the comparison with your average Briton a century ago.

When the German Army invaded Belgium in 1914, resulting in Britain, France, and others to coming to the aid of the Belgians - the First World War had begun. This led to millions of men throughout the UK leaving their hard, low-waged work in mines, factories, and fields, to enlist in Kitchener’s Army, heading for what would become the killing fields of the Western Front.



Following in footsteps of Romans


Some years back I was a regular visitor to Rome to see friends - including during the hot Summer months when many leave the city for the slightly cooler climate of the country -leaving their apartments and balconies bursting with pot plants - for friends and neighbours to water whilst they are away.



Waiting to be discovered - that’s mysterious Myanmar...

Myanmar is making waves. Regular contributor NATASHA WARCHOLAK goes behind Burma’s bamboo curtain...

MYANMAR, also known as Burma, is in the long-term business of establishing itself as a serious tourist destination. Located in South East Asia on the Andaman Sea and bordering Thailand, India, China, Laos and Bangladesh, it has only been open to tourists for the past four years, after the oppressive political regime had thawed. Since, the number of visitors has been steadily increasing, and now that is possible to apply for a visa online, the tourism industry expects even more favourable prospects for growth.



Road Trip in Cowboy Country

MICHAEL BEATTIE makes an epic road trip into the heart of cowboy country and the American West…

FOUR weeks, 5,000 miles and eight states, this was my longest and most exciting American road trip yet. It was also a journey taking me back into my childhood fascination with cowboys and Indians, and through places with names familiar from the country, blues and rock music which has been the soundtrack of my life.



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